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OHH mel twisted/sprained her ankle in badminton! AHH I HOPE YOU'RE OKAY MEL!

At first she fell backwards and i laughed at her until i realized that she was hurt. SORRY MEL, IF I KNEW YOU WERE HURT I WOULDN'T HAVE LAUGHED. But at the end everything was OKAY! :)

...anyway i saw NANCY AND BARBARA. And they made me really nervous and i dunno why. So at the beginning i was just missng everything that came to me. WHOOPS. I really DON'T PLAY LIKE THAT! You guys just made me nervous because I don't know! I saw Jen Pra. too! Yeh, my irvington friends! I MISS YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH! I gave barbara and nancy a BIG FAT HUG BECAUSE I MISSED THEM LIKE AKLSJHFLIUAEHDHFLAKSJHF.

Anyway...I should sleep but I won't.
the genius that is ray charles- by me

I need help

Okay. I admit it. I need help with this procrastination thing.

WHOEVER CAN HELP me PLEASE HELP. I'll give you my phone number so you can call me and then yell at me for procrastinating.

4:23 AM. Yes. I really do need help.

My eyes are gonna fall over and I'm gonna fall over and...yea. I've had no coffee or tea so I'm like really really tired. Me and melissa are both up. We're going pro with the procrastination thing. "No coffee, no tea. All fair game" - Melissa at 4:20 AM.

...anyway it looks like I'm gonna pull an allnighter tonight. *sigh* BLAH!

Okay so REMEMBER. If you can HELP ME, PLEASE DO SO. Yea, I'm lame. So what?
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argh. damn. i just had this thought of this one guy that pisses me off like hell and now i'm just lajshgliauhregauilwerjhdladkjhgsdgh. it's not who you think it is. but still he pisses me off! UGH!

I can't STAND it when people think low of me because I'm NOT low. I may have low confidence but AS A PERSON, I AM NOT LOW. I refuse to believe that I am low so HA IN YOUR FACE YOU RUDE BASTARD. Once again, it is NOT who you think it is. Anyway god he's so rude. How he's always giving me dirty looks and I try to smile at him because...I don't like seeing dirty looks, and smiles are contagious. Except in his case. Nope. When someone smiles at him he's still like -___-. And it's like GOD DAMN DON'T YOU EVER SMILE?!?! And he like pushes people out of his way and it's like "DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO BE POLITE? DO YOU EVER LET GO OF GRUDGES?!?!" UGH. FLARGH i'm mad. And it's like "GEEZ LET IT GO!" but NO. HE DOESN'T LET IT GO. And I thought I held grudges! aklsjfalutheajrrtheourhjlalhiuaehkajltehngajekt GRAHGRAHGHAGRHAGRGLAFHARLAHFLAARRAHARGAHRGLAGFHGLRAFGALRHA!

if he gives me another dirty look i'm just gonna dirty look him back. SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT BASTARD. other news my eyes are drooping like hell and i'm still working on this science worksheet. -____-
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Who Am I?

It seems everyone is trying to find out who they really you guys KNOW who you are? Do you know what you represent? Do you know yourself at all?

I think in elementary school we showed out GENUINE personalities. There was no one going "WHO AM I, REALLY?" because the answer would just be,"I AM [NAME HERE]". And that is who we are. I am Andrea. You are you. Sure, there is this inner personality, but it's PART OF YOU.

Inner personality + Outer personality = YOU

THIS is you. You may think there are two versions of you...but no. There is only ONE you. Maybe you have an inner voice telling you stuff like "that person is a bitch" or "i wish i could swear at her!" but...that's something everyone battles with. It's your EVIL CONSCIENCE. NOT a seperate mean "person" or "version" that's hiding inside of you.

So like...if your conscience is telling you to swear at someone, your RESISTANCE to that is YOU. If someone doesn't have a big resistance to their evil conscience, then they might be mean. If someone does resist it exceptionally well, chances are they are really nice. Your evil conscience does not represent another version of you, but it is the resistance to your evil conscience that determines what kind of person you REALLY ARE.

did that make sense? oh yea, this is just my opinion so I'm not saying you have to agree with me. =)
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Uhh yea...I just took a big nap and now I'm hungry, but there's nothing to eat because I'm too lazy to take the time and cook it.

Monica was being interesting today. She put her hood over her head and pulled the strings really tight so...she couldn't see anything. We all ran around her yelling "MONICA! MONICA! MONICA!" and yea...she tried to catch us, but we ran away before we she got there/ what an interesting game...
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I should be asleep, but I'm a procrastinator and...yea.

Anyway, I went to school half expecting to see a flock of penguins. But...there wasn't a flock of penguins. Only some people were in their formal clothes and yeah.

Okay...i'm tired so bye!
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High School

OMG high school is so fucking dumb.

People make fun of others because they are DIFFERENT. Wtf is that? Oh look, she has bad grades! Let's make fun of her! Oh look, he's got a chinese accent! Let's make fun of him! Oh look, she's so fat! Let's make fun of her!

UGH! It's not like people can change those things...A lot of people in high school make fun of others for the way they were born. What are they supposed to do? Apologize for being born?

So many people don't know the effect of what they're saying. They think,"It's just a joke, they don't REALLY care." Well, here's the truth. THEY REALLY DO CARE. They go home crying and shit all because of something someone said. Some even contemplate suicide because people can't stop saying shit about them. THAT'S THE EFFECT THAT PEOPLE HAVE ON OTHERS.

So next time, think twice before you go and tease someone. They could spend endless nights crying because of you.
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AG! i BURNED MY TONGUE! i was drinking soup...but it was too hot and because I'm stupid, I didn't realize that. So sipped some soup and then i was like "#!@#@$%@!@$##%$!@##!@$#%!!!!!!" yah...
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