Andrea (pink_aiya) wrote,

Interesting Day

Today was interesting.

In science I took the test. I'm not going to say anything about the test because I'm superstious, and I think that if I say anything, then I will automatically get an F. Yes, I'm odd. Anyway, after the test I listened to Chris' mp3 player thing and yea. Talked to tina, madhushree, and snigdha. I was bored.

During break I used my cell to call my friends...who were right next to me. YES, I am dumb. I called, sophie, madhushree, victor, tina, steph...yeah did I forget anyone? I was going to call David P, but then my cell rang once, and I realized that irvington wasn't on a break like us. THey were in CLASS. So I was like "shit!" and I hung up.

Took the english final, then played cards. We ended up playing Egyptian Rat Screw or "the evil slapping game". Then we played spoons/pencils.

Yep..then badminton meeting & tapioca express.
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